Automotive Performance Clinic

What Our Customers Say

Automotive Performance Clinic has an A+ rating with the Better Business Bureau and a 5 star rating on Yelp

Evan is honest and has been in business a very long time. In an age when so many shops are less than honest, Evan has always done us right! Our whole family uses him.

Matt Flynn

These guys should win an award for Parker's most honest auto mechanics. I have become completely comfortable sending my wife and two daughters in for his advice. He will give you the straight scoop; best and worst case scenarios and won't replace parts if not needed. How refreshing to have peace of mind. Check them out. You'll be glad you did.

J Daily

These guys are great and honest with their recommendations, reasonable in their prices, and quite knowledgeable about all things auto-related. Two thumbs up!

Chris P

The dealer repairs did NOT go well. I drove home with the use of only back brakes because the dealership forgot to reconnect the front brakes once they finished 'repairing' them. The lack of braking power was so obvious and so frightening on rush-hour I-25 that I drove straight to Automotive Performance Clinic to sheepishly admit my very bad repair decision.

Evan brought the car into the shop, gave me a ride home, went back after-hours to repair the damage, and my car was ready to roll by 7am next morning. Didn't charge me extra, didn't give me a hard time. Quite cheerfully did the work and moved on. Love that!

Faithful Customer

Professional, knowledgeable and thorough! I'm confident that my car will last much longer because of their attention. They focus on the car and give me the honest evaluation I need to make the right decision.

A Yahoo! Local user